We want to revolutionize the way how operations decisions are made and free up capacity for value creation.

We do things differently

From our experience as Digital Consultants we know how important the change process is in digital initiatives. Therefore we showcase the proof of customer value through our digital Supply Chain assessment upfront.

numi is built to seamlessly integrate customer specific optimization code, because we believe that automated decision making needs to consider the specifics of the business, just like any other employee does too. We designed numi to automate decisions where possible, and to highlight risks and anomalies where they are identified, so that the user can free up capacity and focus on the difficult decisions. To facilitate the change process further, numi uses an engaging UX and focuses on explainable results. It is a digital learning platform with regularly updated Supply Chain content to enrich the user’s Supply Chain knowledge.

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Our promise to you

We implement solutions based on customer needs

We support the implementation and operations with our Supply Chain expertise

We provide highest security standards with German cloud services

We guarantee flexible rights Management, so you control who can see which data

We get our tool up and running in days instead of months

Our Team

Stefan Gaubatz


Stefan gained experience in developing and implementing advanced analytics use cases at a Management Consultancy specializing in Supply Chain Management, where he also led digital transformations of global Supply Chains using best-in-class technologies.

Other than existing consultancies we focus on sustainable customer value through latest technologies

Moritz Krol


Before founding numi, Moritz worked at a Supply Chain Management Consultancy in Munich. He developed successful Supply Chain software and performed many Supply Chain digitalization and transformation projects with strong focus on inventory optimization.

My motivation for numi is to make business applications more integrated and user-friendly

Rufus Maiwald

Software Engineer

Rufus is a full-stack developer, focussing on User Experience (UX) and a scalable architecture. He is responsible for designing responsive and user friendly applications.

Through clear UIs and a minimalistic Design, numi is easy to use and can be operated intuitively

Yulia Fedorova

Growth Marketeer

Yulia manages Growth Marketing at numi and takes care of the corporate identity. Before joining numi, she worked in Demand Planning for a multinational personal care products manufacturer.

For me, numi is an excellent opportunity to gain new experience and knowledge in both areas of interest - Marketing and Supply Chain.

Yigit Erinc

Software Engineer

Yigit designs our new serverless backend architecture and takes role in implementing the best practices to ensure high scalability and performance.

Engineering scalable, efficient, and maintainable systems has always been single-handedly the most interesting part for me, and numi allows me to develop my skills in that area by giving me responsibility and trust.

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Enabling integrated and
intelligent Supply Chain

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