Supply Chain Data Model

Integrating Data Seamlessly with Our Supply Chain Data Model
Data Integration:
Seamlessly link your ERP system and other essential data sources to numi for ongoing optimization.
Data Model:
Achieve precision in optimization with our Supply Chain Data Model, linking all pertinent data at SKU level for maximum accuracy.
ERP Back-integration:
Directly link to your ERP system, eliminating manual Excel workarounds. Seamlessly upload all changes from numi to your ERP system.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Empowering Solutions Through Intelligent Technological Pillars
numi utilizes cutting-edge algorithms from both, scientific and industrial domains, optimizing every facet of the supply chain.
Decision Intelligence:
Use numi's Decision Intelligence for fast, informed and impactful decision-making.
Artificial Intelligence:
We believe in enhancing various Supply Chain aspects through AI. When AI yields superior results to traditional models, we prioritize its application for optimal outcomes.

User Experience

Seamless Interaction, Proactive Notifications, Effortless Supply Management
Sleek User Interface:
Elevate your experience with numi's modern UI, featuring cutting-edge frameworks and components for an exceptional user journey.
Human-Machine Collaboration:
Seamlessly structure your daily workflow with numi, fostering harmonious collaboration between humans and machines.
User Management:
Maximize your supply chain potential with unlimited numi users. Effortlessly control, manage permissions, and customize user access.
Alerting and Notifications:
Stay ahead with proactive alerts on critical events, such as stock-outs or backlogs, to keep your operations running smoothly.

Software Architecture

Innovative Framework for Seamless Scalability and Flexibility
Unlimited Scalability:
Our serverless app ensures limitless scalability, freeing constraints on power, users, and data volume managed by numi.
Modular design:
Tailor your experience with our diverse module selection, allowing you to effortlessly extend functionalities as your needs evolve.
Hosted in Germany, our platform offers a robust foundation with secure 2-Factor-Authentication for an extra layer of protection.