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We want to revolutionize the way how operations decisions are made and free up capacity for value creation.

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Our Approach

Built for companies with unique supply chain requirements.
Drawing from our experience as Digital Consultants, we recognize the importance of the change process in digital initiatives. That's why we demonstrate the tangible proof of customer value right from the start with our upfront digital Supply Chain Assessment.

We built numi to automate decisions whenever feasible, pinpointing risks and anomalies for user attention. This approach enables users to streamline their capacity, allowing them to concentrate on more value adding tasks.

numi is structured to effortlessly incorporate customer-specific business logic. We firmly believe that automated decision-making should take into account the unique aspects of each business.

numi enhances the change process with its engaging user experience, emphasizing results that are easily understandable. This approach ensures a seamless and comprehensible transition for users.
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Our Promises


We are open to feedback from our employees and customers, embracing a culture of continuous improvement. We always adapt to changing customer needs.

Outcome Focused

We care about happy users, shipping products and creating value. We meticulously measure our impact, embracing honesty about outcomes to prioritize what truly matters.

Team First

We believe we can do more when we work together. Our highly talented team collaborates seamlessly with our customers to collectively shape and build exceptional products.


We are ourselves. Open, responsive and inclusive. Our aim is to foster an environment where both our employees and customers can enjoy crafting products they love.


We know how critical security in supply chains software is. That's why we emphasize top-notch security standards in our team and customers, with servers hosted in Germany.