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Weekly Roundup - The Shift in Supply Chains

Yulia Fedorova

13 Oct 2023

This week in the Supply Chain Management, businesses are making significant shifts in their production capacity, with a reduction in China and a rise in exports from India. The recent conflict in Israel is also impacting the electronics supply chain, with potential disruptions in chip production and workplace operations. These geo-economic factors are reshaping supply chains, prompting insights from industry experts on how to navigate these changes.

Read more on this week's highlights:
  • Businesses are reducing production capacity in China, while exports from India are on the rise.
  • The recent conflict in Israel is impacting the electronics supply chain.
  • Geo-economic factors are reshaping supply chains. Glenn A. Steinberg of EY and Jonathan Colehower of UST share insights.
  • EY's Sudhir Singh warns against the one-vendor approach to digital transformation.
  • Economic surveys reveal a drop in supply delays since the peak of COVID-19, but higher prices due to inflation.
  • Adapting to declining demand for perishable goods: How supply chains are innovating to stay resilient.
  • Fairtrade US survey highlights the growing demand for ESG transparency in supply chains.
  • Accurate emissions data from suppliers remains a challenge for supply chains.
  • Failing to reduce the global supply chain footprint could cost companies a staggering $120 billion by 2026.

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“Exploring the use of governance mechanisms in multi-tier sustainable supply chains” by Kati Marttinen, Anni-Kaisa Kähkönen & Donna Marshall (2023)

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