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Weekly Roundup - Supply Chain Expo in Beijing, Production Delays in Aviation and Retailers Top Priority in 2024

Yulia Fedorova

01 Dec 2023

China's Premier Li Qiang expressed his opposition to protectionism and emphasized the need to strengthen supply chains with all countries at the International Supply Chain Expo in Beijing. Many nations have raised concerns about their dependence on China for supply chains, leading the US and EU to seek ways to reduce reliance on China and "de-risk" their supply chains. Recent geopolitical tensions have caused foreign businesses to divert investment away from China towards countries like India, Mexico, and Vietnam. However, despite the decrease in US and European investment in China, a survey shows that 45% of firms still plan to expand their supply chain in China. Analysts believe that the measures being considered by the US and EU may not match the scale of the risk. The recent improvement in US-China relations should further strengthen China's position as a manufacturing hub.

Emirates' CEO, Tim Clark, addressed challenges in the aviation industry's supply chain at the "Airlines 2023 Conference" in London. He emphasized the significant production delays and flight bans caused by reported defects in engines and aircraft cells. Clark urged manufacturers to prioritize quality over speed, stressing the importance of not compromising construction quality for cost or time-saving reasons. He highlighted problems such as improperly drilled holes in airplanes and concerns about a specific engine for the Airbus A350-1000. Despite these challenges, Clark expressed optimism about Emirates' future, with plans for growth and expansion in its route network.

According to a report by the Capgemini Research Institute, increasing the efficiency and resiliency of the supply chain is a top priority for retailers and brands heading into the new year. The report states that 80% of industry executives are looking to create more efficient supply chains in response to various challenges. Additionally, nearly 79% of those polled said they are actively diversifying their supplier base. The report also highlights the growing trend of nearshoring, with 83% of organizations surveyed actively investing in friend-shoring to strengthen supply chain networks with political and economic allies. Nearshoring offers benefits such as reduced transportation costs, increased oversight, and a more sustainable supply chain. The report also emphasizes the importance of digitalizing supply chains and optimizing product mix to enhance sales.

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"Application of Machine Learning in Supply Chain Management: A Comprehensive Overview of the Main Areas" by Erfan Babaee Tirkolaee, Saeid Sadeghi, Farzaneh Mansoori Mooseloo, Hadi Rezaei Vandchali, Samira Aeini (2021)

"Artificial Intelligence in Operations Management and Supply Chain Management: An Exploratory Case Study" by Petri Helo, Yuqiuge Hao (2022)

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