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Weekly Roundup - German Industrial Production, China´s Export Bounce and CPG Brands Lean on Technology

Yulia Fedorova

08 Mar 2024

German industrial production saw a 1% increase in January, the first rise in nine months, driven by growth in construction and certain manufacturing sectors, but hampered by a sharp decline in car production. The overall production level remains near the lowest since 2020, indicating the ongoing struggle in Germany's manufacturing sector. Germany's economic performance has been a drag on the wider eurozone, with the Bundesbank warning of a potential first recession since the pandemic. Economists have revised down growth forecasts, with expectations of minimal to no growth in 2024. The government has also reduced its growth prediction to 0.2%, down from 1.3% previously. In response, the ruling coalition is working on a 7 billion euro package to stimulate the economy.

Sphera has released its inaugural Supply Chain Risk Report. Supply chains in 2023 faced inflation, rising interest rates, natural hazards, and ESG-related concerns like human rights violations and labor practices. The report highlights financial risks, including worsening revenue outlook, insolvency, bankruptcies, and site relocations or closures, emphasizing the need for companies to factor finance-related risks into their strategic planning.

China's exports saw a significant increase of 7.1% in January and February compared to the previous year, while imports rose by 3.5%, resulting in a record trade surplus of $125 billion. However, economists caution against interpreting this as the beginning of a strong recovery due to various factors. They express concerns about the reliability of external demand for sustained growth, given the slowing global economy and elevated geopolitical risks.

Midsize consumer products companies are focusing on enhancing their supply chain optimization strategies, with a significant emphasis on technology adoption, according to a recent IDC Info Snapshot. The use of technology for supply chain management is prioritized over traditional tactics, reflecting the growing recognition of technology's role in enhancing supply chain resiliency and visibility. Many midsize companies are concerned about their digital competencies limiting their ability to adapt to new business models.

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