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Demand Planning Feature Update

Yulia Fedorova

27 Jul 2022

Explore our renewed demand planning features, including Demand Planning Grid, Promotions Management, New Product Introductions, End-of-Life Planning, and a watchlist.

Demand Planning Grid

numi’s Planning Grid is designed to make adjustments to the forecast. It includes a couple of valuable features like:

  • Automated outlier detection and out-of-stock detection of historical sales data
  • Manual adjustments and overrides like promotions or additional forecasting models
  • New Product Introduction and End-of-life planning
  • API or excel exports
  • KPI measurements

Statistical forecast adjustments

Promotion Planning

Plan your company promotions – create, maintain and schedule sales promotions on various hierarchy levels.

Promotions planning

New Product Introductions and End-of-Life Planning

Introduce new products and provide new forecast input characteristics or assign like-items. Plan the end-of-life of a product.

KPI monitoring

Easily keep track of your KPIs (Forecast Accuracy, Mean squared and absolute errors, Forecast Value Add, etc.) and overrides and make any necessary adjustments.

Forecast KPI monitoring

If you want to learn more about numi's demand planning feature, simply request a short introduction call.

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