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numi is part of SAP.iO Resilient Supply Chain Program

Stefan Gaubatz

07 Apr 2022

We are glad to share exciting news with you! numi was selected to participate in the SAP.iO Resilient Supply Chain program, a startup accelerator focused on building resilient supply chains at the SAP.iO Foundries Munich and Tel Aviv, among other innovative startups like Magazino or CognitOps. A jury of SAP experts, partners like Accenture, and SAP customers like Siemens, were convinced by numi´s unique approach of integrated and automated supply chain decisions to make Supply Chains more resilient. resilient Supply Chain program overview

Based on a partnership between SAP and Accenture, the program helps the world build a more sustainable future by using the latest technologies. One of the main directions of this partnership is the development of Resilient Supply Chains to reduce risks by ensuring transparency and visibility of all operations across the network. We are looking forward to the next 14 weeks of mentorship from SAP executives and exposure to SAP® technology and application programming interfaces (APIs). We are excited to collaborate with SAP customers by creating unique value propositions on top of SAP products with the goal of being listed in the SAP app store after the end of the program.

Building a resilient Supply Chain

Our team will build a solution on top of SAP´s core product, the ERP on HANA. We will directly integrate with the SAP ERP to get relevant supply chain transactions from the executions systems. numi uses these ERP transactions to create prioritized improvement recommendations to run Supply Chains at the optimum. After a review or adjustment process, the user can push actions, like changes in inventory parameters, back into the ERP system. Another integration to SAP products will be integrating SAP IBP to align mid-term Supply Chain plans with short-term executions. With this approach, numi breaks functional data and decision siloes on a single SKU Level, so our customers anticipate demand and supply disruptions sooner to act faster. Resulting in increased revenues through higher product availabilities, reduced inventories through Machine Learning planning algorithms, and improved team efficiencies through connected and augmented data and decisions for our joint SAP and numi customers.

Read more about SAP.iO in the official press release
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