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numi solutions is now listed in the weclapp SE Store!

Moritz Krol

18 Nov 2021

💡 Since recently numi is listed in the App Store of weclapp

This allows users of the weclapp ERP system to optimize their Supply Chain with numi without the need to develop interfaces, leading to:

  • Higher sales due to high product availability
  • Optimized inventory levels
  • Significantly increased planning efficiency

🚀 Plug and Play

Through the Plug & Play API connection between numi and weclapp, weclapp users can directly start to improve their supply chain by conecting Sales, Customer Service and Supply Chain Team on one platform.

🙌 Highlights

  • Optimization of material planning parameters in weclapp
  • Machine Learning based demand forecasting
  • Promotion and event planning with automatic adjustment of forecasts and inventory parameters
  • Integrated calculation of current lead times and integration into planning parameters
  • Provision of current delivery times and information on delayed customer orders
  • Monitoring and KPI reporting of the entire supply chain, from supplier to warehouse to customer

😎 Learn more about the numi-weclapp connector

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