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Supply Chain Challenges in 2023

Yulia Fedorova

05 Apr 2023

In 2023, the supply chain industry faces numerous challenges, including geopolitical tensions, inflationary pressures, global recession, and labor availability. These disruptions are expected to impact inventories, as supply chain managers may need to carefully balance inventories.

European Supply Chain Challenges 2023 - Source: The State of of European Supply Chains 2023 by Reuters and JLL

According to "The State of European Supply Chains 2023", organizations should prioritize investment in emerging technologies such as AI and Machine Learning and enhance monitoring, forecasting, and analytical solutions. These technologies can improve efficiency and streamline management while providing end-to-end forward-looking visibility through digital capabilities.

It's time for supply chain managers to shift towards proactive and growth-oriented strategies while closely examining the trends mentioned above. With the right investments in technology and a mature supply chain planning capability, organizations can stay ahead in an evolving market.

Supply Chain Challenges