Increase Forecast Accuracy

Enhance accuracy with numi's advanced forecast method selection—blending traditional and AI methods.

High Product Availability

Knowing what will happen in the future avoids out-of-stock situations and puts the focus on critical materials.

Increased Efficiency

Avoid manual data preparation and offline Excel files with daily updated forecast data.

Reduce Inventories

The integration of forecasts into our inventory optimization raises a significant inventory savings potential.


Forecast Engine

Navigate Tomorrow with Precision
Diverse Forecast Methods:
Access 15+ AI and traditional forecast methods.
Best-Fit Selection:
Automated selection of best-fit methods.
Customized Algorithms:
Get tailored algorithms to enhance accuracy.
External Demand Driver:
Integrate CRM, IoT, macroeconomics or other external data sources.

Demand Plan Collaboration

Develop a holistic plan with your demand teams
Hierarchical Adjustments:
Flexibly adjust your demand plan on various planning levels and time buckets.
Integrated Planning:
Unify volume, marketing and finance plans effortlessly at one single place.
Proactive Alerts:
Stay informed with our proactive anomaly alerts and push notifications.

Demand Plan Insights

Monitor your Demand Planning
Forecast KPIs:
Use predefined or customer specific forecast KPIs to evaluate your planning performance.
Outlier Detection:
Select from an automated anomaly and outlier detection or override them manually.
Promotion Insights:
Monitor your promotion efficiency.