Reduced Purchasing Cost

Cost-optimized order quantities and sources lead to considerable savings potential in purchasing.

Increased Efficiency

Accurate and system-generated decision recommendations reduce unnecessary manual activities.

Prevent Obsolete Stocks

Our predictive replenishment logic avoids future overstocks and indicates unnecessary orders.

Swift Decision Making

Replenishment recommendations can be validated within seconds or even fully automated.


Replenishment Strategy

Set your Replenishment Strategy
Optimal Tradeoffs:
Balance between cost efficiency and high availability to optimize your margin
Inventory Classification:
Compute inventory classes to define strategic goals.
Replenishment Segments:
Establish replenishment segments for effective and targeted replenishments.

Replenishment Recommendations

Improve your costs and efficiency through daily proactive recommendations
Purchase Order Proposals:
Create purchase orders with cost optimized quantities at the right time
Network Optimization:
Fine-tune multi-echelon network stocks and stock transfer proposals at each node in your network.
Optimal Sourcing:
Choose the best sourcing options with a keen eye on cost-effectiveness.

Copmonent & Raw Material Requirements

Determine requirements at every stage of production
Bill-of-Material Breakdown:
Explode multiple Bill-of-Material levels and sales bundles.
Network Analysis:
Assess requirements at each node of your production and distribution network.
Net Requirements Planning:
Develop a dynamic and forward-looking supply plan and share it with internal and external stakeholders.