Reduced Inventories

numi optimizes inventories with the most advanced algorithms, which recognize necessary adjustments immediately.

High Product Availability

The direct integration of numi into your ERP enables prompt adjustments for optimum availability.

Prevent Obsolete Stocks

numi avoids slow-moving items by intelligently classifying your entire product portfolio.

Swift Decision-Making

numi helps to simulate scenarios in real time and synchronizes changes with your ERP system.


Define Inventory Strategy

Ensure Optimal Inventory Parameters at All Times
Define Business Goals:
Define your inventory targets in numi and simulate the effects for optimal fine-tuning of the parameters.
Calculate Inventory Classes:
Use the automatic calculation of ABC, XYZ and other attribute classes to avoid static parameter settings.
Set Inventory Segments:
Use inventory segments to automatically organize all stock items so that each item follows its optimal stocking strategy.

Optimize Inventories

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Data
Optimize Inventory Parameter:
Use numi's latest algorithms for the daily calculation of optimal safety stocks, reorder points and order quantities.
Incorporate Forecasts:
Include demand forecasts in the calculation of safety stocks to avoid stock shortages and overstocks.
Network Optimization:
With numi, inventories are not only optimized locally, but also across the entire network over several BOM levels. Use the proactive suggestions for stock shifts to improve your stock ranges globally.

Validate Inventory Recommendations

Experience the Power of Decision Intelligence
Daily Improvement Recommendations:
numi provides you with daily prioritized recommendations on changes to inventory parameters such as safety stock, reorder points, order quantities and lead times.
Inventory Simulation:
With the real-time simulation of stock levels into the future, you can immediately recognize the effects of parameter changes.
ERP Integration:
The direct integration into your ERP system means that the adjusted stock parameters can be transferred directly to avoid manual effort.