End-to-End Transparency

numi provides end-to-end transparency od your supply chain, empowering strategic decision-making.

Forward Looking KPIs

Stay ahead of the curve with numi's forward-looking KPIs. Monitor performances from supplier to customer.

Fast Record-To-Report

Efficiency meets accuracy with numi's fast record-to-report capabilities. Streamline your reporting processes.

Swift Decision-Making

numi facilitates swift decision-making by providing real-time data insights. Get more responsive and agile.



Clarity in Every Detail Unveiled
Forward Looking KPIs:
Monitoring your Supply Chain performance from Supplier to Customer.
Out-of-the-box Insights:
Sales Performance, Service Level Performance, Inventory Performance, Forecast Performance, Supplier Performance, Customer Segmentation, Master Data readiness
Detailed Drill-Down:
Navigate from consolidated perspectives to the granular SKU or transaction level for in-depth insights.
Filtering and Grouping:
Apply filters and group by in various dimensions.


Tailored Reports, Email Alerts, and Ongoing Monitoring
Customized Reports:
Craft tailored reports for insights into critical transactions, inventories, or master data.
Email Submission:
Proactively address issues by submitting report results to any email address within your company.
Actions Monitoring:
Utilize dashboard functionality to drill down into details and identify tasks that have remained open for an extended period.

Proactive Alerting & Customizable

Set Your Focus Right
Proactive Notifications:
Implement alerting mechanisms and generate forward-looking Insights and KPIs.
Tailored Customer Needs:
Designed to expand and accommodate specific requirements.
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