Reduce Inventories

Reduction of unused stock through efficient stocking of your service parts.

High Equipment Uptime

Increased uptime for your machines thanks to optimal service levels.

Balanced Network Stocks

Strategically redistribute obsolete materials based on real-time movement data for balanced inventory levels.

Increase Service Revenues

Elevate product availability during emergency repairs to drive increased service revenue.


Integrate Equipment Data

Seamless Integration, Analysis and Optimization
Integrate IoT Data:
Maximize Service Efficiency by Integrating Your Machine and Equipment IoT Data in numi.
Data Matching:
Map IoT data with ERP data to find anomalies and prepare your inventory for upcoming repairs.
Equipment Insights:
Get aggregated and machine level insights via interactive dashboards.

Reorder Critical Spare Parts

Streamlined Purchase Orders, Network Optimization, and Cost-Effective Sourcing
Purchase Order Creation:
Create Purchase Orders with focus on optimizing service and costs.
Network Optimization:
Optimize Global Service Coverage by Fine-Tuning Network Stocks and Utilizing numi's Stock Transfer Proposals.
Optimal Sourcing:
Choose the best sourcing options with a keen eye on cost-effectiveness, speed and service.

Service Management

Unlocking Service Excellence Through Precision Planning and Expert Collaboration
Scheduled Services:
Optimize Machine Services with Data-Driven Spare Parts Analytics for Precision Preparation.
Collaborate with Experts:
Enhance Bill-of-Materials with Expert Know-How and Leverage Proposals for future events.
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Optimize your Operational Purchasing

Use numi's Replenishment App to make your purchasing activities as efficient as possible. Put the right materials in your warehouse at the right time with the most cost-efficient purchase order transactions. Let's strive for automated replenishment decisions.

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Missing Parts

Aviod and Resolve Production Disruptions

Unlock numi's Missing Parts App to proactively identify missing parts for production, identify impacted production order and impacted and blocked revenue. Recover faster from production disruptions.

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