Increase Revenues

Identify critical customer orders at an early stage and focus on the right materials.

Increase OEE

Resolve production disruptions quickly to improve your overall equipment efficiency.

Increase Service Levels

Avoid long production cycle times through fast recovery and keep your delivery date promises.

Swift Decision Making

Prioritization on the critical path and automated risk detection, enables fast decision making.


Critical Parts Identification

A Toolkit to solve Production Distruptions
Critical Part Identification:
Efficiently identify critical parts which lead to production disruptions in your supply chain.
Risk and Opportunity Monitoring:
Prioritize & Monitor risks and opportunities based on monetary impact.
Stakeholder Escalation:
Seamlessly escalate to internal stakeholders via notifications or email.

Evaluate Business Impact

Prioritize Missing Parts through Impacted Revenue
Impacted Production Orders:
Identify all impacted production orders and recalculate estimated production and delivery times.
Impacted Customer Orders:
Identify all impacted customer orders and customers through Bill-of-Material pegging.
Revenue at Risk:
Get detailed revenue at risk and blocked revenue figures.

Automated Workflows

Seamless Communication for fast Recovery
Define Actions:
Define for each scenario suitable countermeasures and workflows.
Scheduled notifications:
Send ad-hoc and scheduled actions to stakeholders via notifications or emails.
Get KPIs for open, in-progress or closed actions and drill-down into details.
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