Less Stockouts

Proactive suggestions from numi for coordinating orders with suppliers reduce stock shortages.

Reduce Manual Efforts

Automatic identification and escalation of orders eliminates manual Excel evaluations.

Simplify Communication

Standardized templates for collaboration with suppliers simplify the exchange.

Swift Decision Making

Prioritization to the essentials and automated risk detection enable quick decisions.


Identify Critical Orders

A Toolkit to avoid Capacity Constraints
Critical Part Identification:
Identify critical orders that could cause delays to your supply chain.
Risk and Opportunity Monitoring:
Monitor and prioritize opportunities and risks arising from delayed orders.
Stakeholder Escalation:
Seamlessly escalate critical orders to internal stakeholders.

Coordinate with Suppliers

Continuous communication with your suppliers
Smart Prioritization:
Receive a prioritized list of orders to coordinate with your suppliers.
Direct Supplier Actions:
Communicate necessary changes to orders directly from numi with your suppliers.
Automated Updates:
The automated interface allows feedback from your suppliers to be synchronized directly into the orders.

Manage Supplier Capacity

Optimal Control of all Suppliers
Supplier Capacity Definition:
Precisely define supplier capacities based on importance and performance assessment.
Monitoring & Actions:
Continuously monitor supplier performance and take appropriate actions.