Reduced Process Inefficiencies

Improve your supply chain processes by detecting and resolving inefficiencies and errors at any process step.

Increased Workforce Productivity

Point out best practices to your employees and inform them in case of process anomalies.

Increased On Time, In Full

Enable a smooth flow of your supply chain processes to shorten process times and thus increase your delivery performance.

Swift Decision Making

Use numi's forward-looking process alerts to focus on the most critical process steps and enable you to make quick decisions.


Identify Process Anomalies

A Toolkit to avoid Process Bottlenecks
Process Lead Times:
Examine lead times for both overall processes and individual steps.
Process Outlier:
Identify and address bottleneck and errors in single process steps.
Compare lead times across categories for process performance improvements.

Process Visibility

Deep-dive into your Supply Chain Processes and get a better understanding
Process KPIs:
Establish and monitor your own set of process KPIs or select from predefined KPIs.
Detailed Drill-Down:
Navigate from consolidated perspectives to the granular SKU or transaction level for in-depth insights.
Filtering and Grouping:
Apply filters and group by categories for a wide range of process attributes.

Automated Workflows

Seamless Communication for fast Resolving
Define Actions:
Define for each scenario suitable countermeasures and workflows to resolve inefficiencies.
Scheduled notifications:
Send ad-hoc and scheduled actions to stakeholders via notifications or emails.
Get KPIs for open, in-progress or closed actions and drill-down into details.
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