Increased Resource Utilization

Transparency and optimization of production ensure optimal use of resources.

Reduced Production Time

Detect machine downtime immediately and take proactive countermeasures to minimize production times.

Prevent Obsolete Stocks

Avoid obsolete stocks in advance through forward-looking planning.

Swift Decision-Making

Prioritization to the essentials and automated risk detection enable quick decisions.


Examine Production Plan

Full visibility across all levels of production
Missing Parts:
Get alerts for production orders with missing raw materials and components.
Excess Orders:
Avoid unnecessary production orders and excess inventories.
Production Processes:
Get tailored algorithms to enhance accuracy.

Validate Production Recommendations

Daily recommendations for action for existing production orders
Production Order Creation:
Create production orders bases on customer orders or forecasts.
Integrate Constraints:
Select constraints like due dates, precedences or resource capacities.
Optimization Goal:
Tell numi your goals - Minimize setup times, minimize customer order delays or combined target functions.

Evaluate Production Capacity Plans

Assessment of aggregated production plans
Visualize Orders:
Aggregate orders on any desired resource level.
Capacity Constraints:
Map capacity constraints against production resource requirements.
Inventory Development:
Visualize inventory predictions for raw materials, components and finished goods.