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Enabling integrated and intelligent
Supply Chain Decisions

numi is an intelligent Supply Chain Advisor, enabling integrated & automated supply chain decisions by using AI on top of your ERP data. Making your supply chain more resilient.

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numi - Your AI Supply Chain Advisor

How numi can help you

Increased customer satisfaction
Increase Customer Satisfaction & Revenues

Increase product availability

Reduce order cancellations and lost sales

Fast & insight driven responses to customer requests

Optimized inventory levels
Reduce Inventories

The right inventory quantity at the right location

From the right inventory strategy to automated execution

Integrated inventory simulations

Less firefighting
Manage Operational Firefighting

Manage hundreds of SKUs with ease

Get integrated improvement recommendations

Integrated and efficient team collaboration and execution

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How numi works

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numi is a cloud platform that analyzes, optimizes, and improves your supply chain by making improvement recommendations focusing on the execution horizon.

The home screen gives an overview of the most important supply chain KPIs. This allows you to keep an eye on the performance of your suppliers, your demand forecasts, your inventories, and the actual customer service levels.

Each supply chain persona gets targeted recommendations for improvement actions. These actions can be transferred directly back to your ERP system to holistically improve the KPIs.
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Gain trust in numi with our free Supply Chain CheckUp


2 Weeks
1 – 2 Months
Supply Chain
Data Integration &
Integrated ops &
continuous optimization

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Supply Chain
  • Initial Supply Chain assessment
  • Benchmark current Supply Chain KPIs
  • Building trust in numi’s algorithms
Before you invest money and resources in digital initiatives, you need to know your diagnosis. That’s why we showcase the proof of customer value through our digital supply chain assessment upfront. numi’s CheckUp is free of charge. Therefore we benchmark your current supply chain KPIs and show potential benefits for supply chain KPIs and the financial impact based on your data. We do this because numi uses a lot of advanced algorithms and we want to finetune our algorithms.

Data Integration &
  • Defining data integration strategy
  • Develop custom optimization code to finetune results
  • Set-up interface
Based on your use case, we design and implement a suitable data integration strategy. From manual uploads of unstructured data to full ERP integrations (the implementation timeframe depends on the ERP system). In addition, numi is built to seamlessly integrate customizable code, as we believe that automated decision making must consider the specifics of the business, just as any other employee does. Therefore, we will fine-tune our algorithms based on your needs.

Integrated ops &
continuous optimization
  • Start working with numi
  • Integrated knowledge transfer on the platform
  • Hypercare and change process
Start working with numi. numi uses an engaging UX to explain the root cause of each decision recommendation. Moreover, numi provides additional supply chain and data science content to facilitate the change process and create sustainable customer value.

Operations Research algorithms combined with Machine Learning

How numi optimizes

Integrated Ops

Leveraging all numi skills to make integrated and automated supply chain decisions


numi uses transactional ERP data and gives recommendations by taking all associated costs and profits into account and provides the best options for a variety of intelligent supply chain decisions


numi provides workflows to enable collaboration across supply chain teams on its platform


numi pushes back actions into transactional systems such as purchase requisitions or inventory parameters, sales order confirmations or pricing recommendations to increase your team efficiency

Leveraging all numi skills to make integrated and automated supply chain decisions

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Improve your
Supply Chain with numi

Enabling integrated and
intelligent Supply Chain

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